To Market, to Market…


If you aren’t going to be able to make it to the Atlanta Apparel Market next week, These beauties are available FOR SALE NOW. Prices are retail. Email us at if you are interested.

Pantone Color of the Year

marsalajan2015aIt’s always fun to see what happens in fashion each December/January when Pantone announces their “Color of the Year”. From Haute Couture to streetwear, this year’s color, MARSALA, is everywhere, and as wearable as ever. Put it on your lids, your nails, your shoes, your bag, your jacket, and, yes, your jewelry. We like it here in a just slightly pinkish tone in a rugged shape, but softened with brass bead chain. Worn long or short, this necklace is just the right amount of color for you non-color girls. OR, let your clothes stand out and just throw on one of our hand soldered crystal Y necklaces in silver or brass (or both!) Both necklaces are available HERE.

Connecting the inside and outside



A lot of what we talk about here at Michelle Rhodes is how what we wear affects how we feel. We also talk about part of why we design what we do is so that this process is easy and as effortless as possible. Personally, we’ve discovered it’s also about connecting what we think and feel on the inside to what we look like on the outside. So that we live authentically if at all possible. So when my friend and (brilliant) photographer Kelly Wachs and I began discussing a collaboration involving the Michelle Rhodes brand ‘image’, her suggestion was that as owner of the company, my brand is ME, and that we should try to get some photos that embody this ‘connection’ idea. So this is the first of a few images she shot ( a couple of weeks ago. Kelly has made me feel natural and pretty and interesting, and has portrayed our jewelry in just the right way. And I think has connected how I feel on the inside with what I look like on the outside.

The top necklace has a hand stamped pendant with the quote “If you never try you never know”. Well, we’re trying at least.

Be Compelled…

New for October 2014
New for October 2014

Much of what motivates us here at Michelle Rhodes are the ideas that pop into our heads that remind us to pursue the better parts of ourselves. Be kind. Forgive. See the Good. And today, as the rain poured down in Atlanta, BE COMPELLED. Find something that moves you. That makes you compelled to act. In the best way possible. To tap into the best parts of your personality. The parts that think of others before yourselves; that feel as if there’s no other choice but to move in a certain direction. What do you feel compelled about? DO you feel compelled? What’s your purpose? Have you ever thought about it? Do you move purposefully through your life? What COMPELS you to be a better parent, a better friend, a better sibling, community servant, all around person?

For us, designing things that make women feel confident is what WE are compelled to do. That make women feel good. That make them know what it feels like to feel good. To get them to THINK about their lives, what they do; what they are COMPELLED to do. Seems shallow that our goal is to have jewelry have this effect on people. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.  But when something feels right, and it comes from a good place, and you are COMPELLED to do it, then nothing but good can come from it. That’s our hope, anyway.

This week marks the third October we will be showing at The Atlanta Apparel Market. We have been blessed to have such a great partnership with the wonderful people at Therapy with Lisa Adams. We’ve designed a bunch of new pieces that have a LITTLE bit of color; a little bit of sparkle; a little bit of edge. Throw them on with a long sleeve white t shirt, slouchy boyfriend jeans, boots, and call it a day. Then go about and do what compels you to do.

Changing weather

photo courtesy of Tommy Ton
photo courtesy of Tommy Ton

We at Michelle Rhodes love the “hard soft” contrast of the ripped jeans and the gentlemanly vest and blazer. The absence of a shirt just make this very current. What jewelry to wear?

  • If you feel a little Rock and Roll, try the had sculpted resin convertible skull necklace. Email for purchasing information.
  • If you want to keep it a little more luxe, try the hand strung Amazonite long necklace with the hand soldered pendant. Available HERE
  • If you’d like something in between, try the Aubergine crystal pendant on a convertible gunmetal chain. Available HERE