smallbizsat1All across America, people are following their passion and starting their own business. They put in countless hours a day. They sacrifice family time. They strive for success, and depend on you to help them reach it. This Saturday, American Express is having “Small Business Saturday”. It’s a way to show your support for the small businesses in your communities. We hope you will take the time to support us, and to reward you for that, we are offering 40% off all online merchandise for Nov. 28th and 29th. Click the link under “stockists” above to access our online store.

We are thankful for all the good this year has given us, and now we want to spread the joy.


There’s something really interesting about the new shape in necklaces we’ve designed for this fall. We call it “the Y”. What is interesting to us is the just-a-little-out-of-the ordinary look it has. Kind of sexy. The short ones hit right in the middle of your chest. Pair a short with a long and you’ve got an entirely new look.

We’ve done them using the same luscious amethyst, sapphire, blush and crystal rosary chains from before, and added new pendants of pressed pewter and framed amber quartz. We’ve also added short Y necklaces in teeny turquoise rosary for those days when you want something more dainty.

We’ve put together some looks from the greatest outfits from FREE PEOPLE, ZARA, and LE FASHION to give you an idea of what we mean. These will be available starting October 19th.  If you’re interested, contact us directly or through any of the Stockists listed above.


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New York Fashion week for SPRING SUMMER 2016 just finished, and there were so many beautiful designs, we can’t wait to see the clothes on the racks next year! For now, we have to make sure our game is on point for the fall. We love these looks from ZARA, FINISH LINE, and BCBG MAX AZRIA and ALEXANDER WANG via because they each have a sense of luxury in an everyday way. Tweed is tweed, but what if it was in this really great flared leg trouser? What if you wore your plain Nikes and leggings with a great long camel hair coat? Or took that beautiful silk dress and threw it on with a turtleneck and KNEE HIGH brown boots? Or instead of a fisherman’s sweater, what if you got a STUDDED fisherman’s sweater?

We try and look at our jewelry the same way. Does it convey a sense of luxury, but in an everyday way? Is it a different take on what you see everywhere? We hope so. We are busy working on new additions to the line (photos to come) to debut next month. Until then, here’s a hint: think sexy. think sparkle. think Y. You’ll see what we mean later…..



fall 2015 transition

Clockwise from the bottom left:        1. WWW.COULDIHAVETHAT.COM  2. WWW.THEYALLHATEUS.COM  3. PINTEREST  4. WWW.LOLOBU.COM

August and September are major times of transition for many of us; kids going back to school, kids leaving home and going off to college, and the dreaded change of weather. Some days are hot, some days are freezing. You just never know. We scoured PINTEREST and found some great looks that give you layering options that not only keep you warm if it gets cool, and also look really great, whether you’re wearing the super high heels shown or with some CHUCK TAYLOR’S or STAN SMITH’S or some great BED STU booties.



We are also beginning to design our fall line, and have fallen in love with the rich ambers and amethysts and salmons in these crystal and quartz gemstones. It seems we always go back to “No Color Color” so our pieces can work with almost any outfit you choose. For ordering information, contact us at

Whatever you prefer

One of the best parts about this job is the ability to find really great elements to incorporate into easily wearable, effortlessly luxurious pieces. When we laid our newest creations out, we noticed two distinct color groups (that probably mirrors our closets) either soft, or bright. We used Agate, Jasper, Turquoise, howlite and even wood to add a little earthiness. We also combined these elements with BEAUTIFUL hand soldered glass and pewter elements, just because we love, love, love the hard/soft contrast.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          20150805_091141  20150805_090953

For those of us who have a paralyzing fear of color (ha!) in our clothes, we stumbled upon this GREAT new website ANINEBING  that has simple, interesting pieces that can be dressy or casual or in between. We also find that these clothes could easily work for women of any age; something that some of us struggle with as we get older…Her journal quite interestingly documents her life as a retailer, mother of 2, and musician. Here are some of our favs….


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