fall 2015 transition

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August and September are major times of transition for many of us; kids going back to school, kids leaving home and going off to college, and the dreaded change of weather. Some days are hot, some days are freezing. You just never know. We scoured PINTEREST and found some great looks that give you layering options that not only keep you warm if it gets cool, and also look really great, whether you’re wearing the super high heels shown or with some CHUCK TAYLOR’S or STAN SMITH’S or some great BED STU booties.



We are also beginning to design our fall line, and have fallen in love with the rich ambers and amethysts and salmons in these crystal and quartz gemstones. It seems we always go back to “No Color Color” so our pieces can work with almost any outfit you choose. For ordering information, contact us at

Whatever you prefer

One of the best parts about this job is the ability to find really great elements to incorporate into easily wearable, effortlessly luxurious pieces. When we laid our newest creations out, we noticed two distinct color groups (that probably mirrors our closets) either soft, or bright. We used Agate, Jasper, Turquoise, howlite and even wood to add a little earthiness. We also combined these elements with BEAUTIFUL hand soldered glass and pewter elements, just because we love, love, love the hard/soft contrast.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          20150805_091141  20150805_090953

For those of us who have a paralyzing fear of color (ha!) in our clothes, we stumbled upon this GREAT new website ANINEBING  that has simple, interesting pieces that can be dressy or casual or in between. We also find that these clothes could easily work for women of any age; something that some of us struggle with as we get older…Her journal quite interestingly documents her life as a retailer, mother of 2, and musician. Here are some of our favs….


back to school a


Pop of Color

rosarycollage2hIf you know us, you know that we don’t throw a bunch of color at you all at once. But we stumbled upon some great crystal rosary chain (thanks, Girltrendz), and couldn’t resist. But to avoid looking too much like Auntie Mame, we mixed it with interesting long and short chain in brass and silver, so you can wear it alone long, doubled (yes, it’s 36″), or mixed with your other Michelle Rhodes jewelry. But don’t forget we try to include some words to keep you thinking. This time we’ve done sayings like “Luck Favors the Prepared”, “Love and Kindness are never wasted”, and “With Pure intent comes Pure Result”. $67 and available by emailing


Light and bright

mayjune2015c As the weather gets hotter and hotter, it’s time to switch things up a bit. While we love the layered look that cooler weather brings, unless you’re going just to dinner or drinks, the look is just too heavy. So we designed these lovely gold or silver daisy necklaces that are still interesting but without the heft. We continue to love these looks from HUNKYDORY Stockholm and MADEWELL that keep the look simple. Pair it with this great fringe bag, also from HUNKYDORY but in the same light color and call it a day.

Time to shake up the land of everything must be the same…


While digging through the archives today, we came across this picture of the beautiful Amber, Class of 2016, shot by talented photographer KELLY WACHS. When we did the shoot, we wanted to convey that you can be the same and different all at once, and that is interesting. You can wear the blue uniform blazer, but you can also carry a great LOUIS VUITTON EPI BAG, and wear DOC MARTIN COMBAT BOOTS, and wear all of your jewelry instead of one bracelet, one necklace, one pair of earrings.

For us “girls of a certain age”– Tired of capris? Try a stretch pencil skirt in the NEWEST MIDI LENGTH. Can’t buy ANOTHER  pair of flip flops? Embrace the new “geek chic” look of BIRKENSTOCKS. Top off the look with new shades from WARBY PARKER in a traditional shape and nontraditional finish, and of course piles of MICHELLE RHODES JEWELRY, and you’re good to go.